Thursday, April 3, 2008

On display

The other day, Master and I wound up having sex. (It happens fairly often, I've noticed. ^_^) As he was undressing me, I said, "Oh, I should have told you - my bra hook is broken."

"So it seems," he said as he struggled to undo it. Finally he gave up and just pulled my bra down out of the way; then I reached behind my back and loosed it.

For my failure to warn him ahead of time, Master had me kneel on the coffee table in the living room and spanked me. It was interesting; though we were the only ones in the apartment (obviously!), I still felt on display, as though dozens of people were watching me. It was kind of neat, because I felt the shame (and excitement) of being exposed without actually having a bunch of people staring at me. An interesting psychological trick, that.

When Master finished spanking me and we began with the sex "proper," he used a condom. That was a little odd, because I have an IUD and we're in an exclusive relationship so there's no chance of STIs. But whatever. My "code," I suppose you could say, to let Master know when I'm getting sore/chafey/etc and would like to finish soon, is to beg him to come inside/on me. When I did that this time, he said, "I'm not going to come inside you this time; you've been naughty and don't deserve it."

I assumed he was referring not only to the bra bit, but not following his orders to masturbate the night before (we slept separately that night). I also assumed he didn't mean he'd come on me, but that he'd come inside the condom. I suppose using a condom is sort of a punishment; he knows I'd rather not use them because they feel weird, but it's not like I have a vile distaste for them.

Really, I suspect that the reason he used it was to not make a mess on the sofa! But pretending it was because I was a bad girl made things so much more interesting. ;)

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