Monday, March 31, 2008


Master and I milled in the orange gloom of the darkroom. Outside, a late-season blizzard pawed at the doors, but we couldn't hear it over the music playing. I sat on a stool and flipped through a book of erotic photographs, occasionally pointing out ones I liked to Master while he paced between enlarger and developing sink.

When I finished the book, I crossed the room to where Master watched his latest print blossom in the developer. "Is it all right if I go?" I asked. Though it had been fun helping him set up the chemicals and such, it was getting late.

He turned and smiled, draping his arms over my shoulders. "Yes, you can go now. I won't be long." His smile acquired a devious air. "I've got something special planned for you tonight."

My eyes widened as he leaned forward and kissed my neck, my ear. "You do?" I squeaked.


"O-okay." I gave Master one last kiss before scurrying out.


I'm still waiting, and it's killing me! >.<

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