Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guilty pleasures

Apparently some parts of the feminist blogosphere are... maybe not angry, but at least irritated by the movie Splice. I wanted to see it because the concept seemed cool, and the design for the human/animal hybrid looked pretty good. Then a couple of my friends said, "Don't see this! It's got gratuitous rape!" I was like, "Bwuh?" and read a spoilerrific review to find out what the hell they were talking about.

And, okay, there definitely is a lot to critique. The female characters (all two... well, 1.5 of them) seem pretty shallow and sexist in their portrayal. And apparently there's a lot of really ableist connotations in how the hybrid is treated. (Keep in mind I haven't actually seen it yet.) But as for the rest... um. A gender/sex-shifting human/animal hybrid that sexually assaults people with his/her tentacle-tail-penis-thing? With hints of incest thrown in? That's like, five of my fetishes all combined into one right there.

So now I feel like a Bad Feminist because the things that make others miffed make me go, "Oooh. Hot." I know that the "Examine your desires!" thing is generally considered bunk, and I've never really felt in conflict before, but... yeah. I dunno. I know why others are upset by this movie, but I just can't get myself to feel the same way. :/

This is so weird. Even though I'm a submissive-oriented woman, I've never really felt that was at odds with my feminism. But with this I actually feel kind of guilty. :( Bleh. Then I feel bad for feeling guilty because YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL GUILTY FOR YOUR SEXUALITY and so on.

I dunno what to do.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mixed bag

I've graduated from college and, lacking a job, have moved back home with my folks.

On the plus side, I'm much closer to Master's city, and the city I'm in actually has something of a kink scene.

On the minus side, living with one's parents does put a kink (hurr hurr hurr) in one's sex life.