Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Updated January 2011

Tapeti, Master and I went over our relationship rules, since some of the ones we used to have are no longer relevant because we've changed as people, or our situations have changed.

  1. Be honest. And be proactive in your honesty - always disclose to the other partners if you share more than a kiss with someone.
  2. No hard drugs - this goes for us three as well as any outside partners. "Hard drugs" include WoW.
  3. Don't mess with virgins.
  4. No one else can act as our Master/kitten/bunny.
  5. No one else can touch my collar/grab my ankles. (This one was actually suggested by me - I get SUPER weirded-out and uncomfortable when someone besides those two touches my collar.)
  6. Always use condoms. Dental dams and latex gloves are not required.
  7. Get tested for STDs at least once a year.
  8. Don't have PIV or PIA sex with people that the other two haven't met.
All in all, a good set of rules, I think.

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