Sunday, April 25, 2010

I suck at juggling

I'd never anticipated how difficult it would be for Master to have more than one girlfriend. Well, I take that back, I thought it'd be tough, but not in the way that it's turning out to be. I thought I'd have to deal with jealousy issues, mostly, and there is a little bit of that, but I'm finding it much easier to deal with than a very basic issue: what do I tell my parents?

For now, we've decided it's best for everyone that we stay in the closet about being poly except to our close peers. Up until now it's been pretty easy... except now sometimes Master comes to my city to visit someone that isn't me. How do I explain that to my parents? I'm pretty sure they're just waiting for us to get married at this point (good luck with that, guys), so for him to travel hundreds of miles and spend more time with someone else than with me is rather odd.

Of course, the real reason why is perfectly understandable - he's being introduced to Tapeti's parents as The Boyfriend, so of course he's going to spend more time with her/them than with me. But I can't tell my parents that, otherwise I'd out all three of us. So instead I'm just left stammering awkwardly. :S

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This post is late (sorry, Master!), but here is the homework he assigned me: go to a free porn site and find a clip that I like, then say why I liked it. I went to, and this is what I found (VERY NSFW).

I know it's just a preview for a full-length porno, but it was enough that I found it arousing (which I'm sure was their intention). I liked that it was silly and self-parodic, since sex does tend to be pretty funny (especially when doing such a time-honored scenario as a rebellious student being "punished" by her teacher), but it wasn't so silly that it was no longer sexy, like some (okay, a lot) of porn that I've seen. The spanking was great - not wimpy spanking, like some other videos I watched, and the woman actually had enough butt on her that I wasn't worried about the man hitting bone every time he smacked her. I was glad that both the man and the woman were pretty attractive (though I wish neither of them had shaved all their pubic hair), and I was really impressed by the woman's flexibility. That lady's in shape!

As a side note, that's also the first time I've seen a labial piercing.