Friday, April 11, 2008

If distance were a hammer, it would shatter bones.

In less than two month's time, Master and I will part ways for the summer. I will return to Minnesota; Master will be 400 miles away in his home state - or possibly 6,000 miles away, teaching English in South Korea for the summer.

This won't be the first summer we've spent apart. Last summer was difficult, but we made it through. But last summer we still had a "vanilla" relationship. Master wasn't Master yet, I wasn't kitten yet. How will D/s change things? I don't know.

I could say "not at all," but that's naive. Though we'd probably be considered lightweights by a lot of other D/s practitioners' standards, it's still influenced how we live. Though I don't defer to Master on all aspects of my life, he is still a supporting presence that I know I can turn to when I'm feeling unsure or scared or small. What will I do when my rock is across state lines - or across an ocean?

And then there's the part of D/s that's just plain fun. Over the summer, Master won't be able to tie me up, to order me to strip, to spank me for "misbehaving," or all sorts of things! I'm going to be one sexually frustrated kitten. Though I've read about giving orders over the phone or the Internet - self-spanking, taking pictures with a webcam, other things like that. I suppose we can try that. It's better than nothing.

I'm still not looking forward to summer, though.

(also, the title of this post is from one of Master's poems)

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