Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dramatis Personae

The people who will probably be mentioned often in my blog:

Zula - That's me! Recent graduate, writer (for realz! I get paid and everything!), sub, feminist, poly, and so on. Master usually just calls me "kitten."

Master - My boyfriend, my lover, my friend... my Master. We've been together for about five years. He lives in the state next door, so visits are a bit difficult but not impossible. This is his first kinky relationship, same as me.

Lupa, formerly known as S - A close friend and former college roomie. She and I are infrequent partners, though apparently we act more like an old married couple than Master and me! She's a super-switch, but the poor dear currently lives somewhere with a nonexistent kink scene.

Ume, formerly known as R - Another friend from college. He's a former playmate; since Master and I have officially started our D/s relationship, Ume and I haven't exchanged more than a kiss or two at parties.

There are so many supporting characters who flit in and out of random scenes that it's probably a waste of time to list them all here! I'll do my best to keep things coherent, regardless.

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