Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Squirting

I can squirt when I orgasm, sometimes.

It's a pretty infrequent occurrence, and I used to think that it was more-or-less random, but I've discovered that there is a semi-reliable way to make me squirt: play with my clit while forcing me to keep a cock in my mouth, e.g. by holding the back of my head or my hair. The last few times Master has done that to me, I've squirted, and I'm fairly certain the one or two times I squirted with a different partner were under similar conditions.

I'm not sure why that particular situation causes me to squirt. It's not a breathplay thing, as I can breathe just fine with a cock in my mouth. My instinct when I'm getting close to orgasm is to flail around, be very vocal, etc, so maybe it's something about being restrained by the head? I think it might force me to "focus" more because I can't "dispel" my energy via flailing and such. So it's like a buildup of more and more energy, and I can't release it the way I normally do, so I squirt. Almost as if it were condensing, hahaha.

I'd be very interested to do some experiments and figure out which particular variables cause the squirting. For example, maybe restrain me but leave my mouth free, and see if I can squirt that way. And maybe try with a ball gag or something similar, see if it's the mouth specifically that triggers it.