Wednesday, April 9, 2008


For Ally Appreciation Week on campus, today the Alliance (my school's GLBTA group) sponsored a "safe erotic sex workshop." I wasn't sure what they meant by "erotic sex," since as far as I can tell pretty much all sex is erotic - or should be, anyway. When I mused aloud about the meaning, my friend R said, "Yeah, I asked [one of our friends who is an active member of the Alliance] about that, and he said 'erotic' meant, like, 'fetish' and stuff."

As you can guess, my interest went up by a zillion percent as visions of demonstrations on proper flogging technique and quick-release knots danced through my head. Unfortunately, I was on duty that night (tonight, in fact), so I'd only be able to make the first half hour. Lame! At least Master would be able to stay for the entire thing, so I hoped he'd get some ideas.

Well, like I said, I was only able to stay for a half-hour, but I was pretty disappointed by that half-hour. Apparently R was misinformed; "safe erotic sex workshop" really meant "education on STDs and how to make using condoms sexy." Which is important, don't get me wrong, but not nearly as exciting - or relevant, since Master and I are in a monogamous relationship and we're both already STD-free.

*sigh* Oh well. Master came back with some free samples of flavored lube, as well as a packet of various condoms that (inexplicably) contained breath mints, so at least I have minty-fresh breath now.

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