Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, we've found a third person to play with! M, Master's and my friend, said she'd love to play with us for Beltaine (tomorrow night)! I'm so excited!

Master and I discussed for a while, and we decided we'd like M to play with us most. Originally we were going to ask both her and Z, but M and Z are going through a rough patch right now and are kinda-sorta broken up, so just M. That's still cool though. M is a wonderful woman - very intriguing. Even though she and I are friends, I don't know her quite as well as I'd like (though obviously I'm comfortable enough to play with her), and perhaps this will help foster closer bonds.

The three of us got together and discussed limits, logistics, how we were feeling, expectations, etc last night. Master and I have a good handle on each other's limits, so it was mostly to see what M was and wasn't comfortable with. There are some definite differences than what we're used to; she LOOOVES wax play but can't stand ice cubes, while I'm exactly the opposite. It should be fun to add this new dimension.

I'm a little intimidated though, because M revealed to us that (though she's going to be subbing in this scene) she's going to go into the pro-Domme business over the summer! It's not going to be her lifelong career, but the fact that she's well-established enough in her city's BDSM culture that people are requesting and paying to play with her is... well, it makes me feel a little starstruck. Like playing a game of pickup football in the backyard with Dante Culpepper or something. Though it does reassure me that she knows what she's doing.

As it stands now, this is going to be a one-time playdate. If we really like it, perhaps we will play a few more times before school lets out for the summer. However, none of us think we should start a long-standing relationship, especially not a triad, right before school lets out. If our feelings change after Beltaine, we'll reassess them then.

I also expressed my apprehension about being intimate with a women to M. The thing is, even though I'm pansexual and attracted to women, I've never done any below-the-belt stuff with one before! Even though I've got the same parts so I should know what I'm doing, it's... it's really scary! To my amazement, M admitted that she felt the exact same way, despite being in several long-term relationships with other women. Well! That made me feel a lot better. Hopefully we'll be able to get over our nervousness together. ;)

At the end of our talk, Master had M and I take turns being blindfolded and kissed, caressed, etc. by Master and the remaining woman. I was a little nervous at first because I didn't know where to begin, but M is very... expressive... and I figured out easily what she liked. And her kisses taste nice, too. It was cool, because when I watched Master touch and kiss M, I didn't feel jealous at all. In fact, I was grinning from ear to ear! I was worried that I'd have to deal with a little jealous part of me even though the vast majority of me wants to play with M, but it seems I won't have that problem in the least, thank goodness.

I can't wait until tomorrow!


Trinity said...

That's really awesome, but the feeling starstruck at playing with a pro confuses me. All the times I've played with clients of pros, they've topped from the bottom horrendously -- they're used to getting what they want.

It's part of the reason I doubt I'll ever go pro -- spending my time pretending to dominate people who want a service from me and nothing more doesn't trip my top buttons at all.

Though you do mention that she's also established in the local scene as a non-pro, so I could be talking out my tooter :)

Zula said...

Well, basically I'm just impressed/awed/mildly intimidated by the fact that she has so much experience and popularity that she's able to go pro. Makes me feel like such a noob in comparison!

bint alshamsa said...

I hope you and Master had a wonderfully fun Beltaine!