Thursday, May 29, 2008


Master and M live in the same state. Though they don't live in the same city, they still live closer to each other than I do to either of them. It sucks.

The other night I called M, and it turned out that she and Master were hanging out together with several of M's other friends. They were all being loud and goofy and generally having a good time, but it just made me miserable. I wanted to be with them - especially Master - so badly, and there they were having fun without me! Selfish, I know, but being stuck at work with nothing to do but think about my friends and lovers tends to make me morose.

Later I learned that Master had spent the night at M's house. He spent the night in her guest room, though, and we have a rule that he won't do anything with just M without okaying it with me first. Still, there's a niggling part of me that worries, that is envious. I know it's mostly just because I'm not able to be there; when M spent the night with Master without me during the school year, I was fine with it.

Just one more reason long-distance relationships suck. :(

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