Monday, March 17, 2008

And then there were three?

A recent debauchery party hosted by some friends of ours got Master and me talking about our limits concerning activities with other people. Eventually, we began discussing the possibility of having a third person join us to play, at least momentarily.

I've participated in threesomes before and have found them to be lots of fun, but Master is a little more cautious of them, and with good reason. Adding a third person greatly increases the number of possible hurt feelings and damaged egos. Until now, I didn't expect to play with anyone except Master unless our relationship ended completely, and I was okay with that. I'm not hardwired for polyamory; it's just one possible scenario that might work, depending on other factors.

Still, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that Master wanted to play with a third person, too.

We talked about possible partners for a while. Though there were a few people I know whom I'm rather interested in, I wanted to make sure it was someone Master was interested in, too. If only two-thirds of a group are enjoying themselves, then it's really not fun at all. Finally, though, we decided on a friend of ours, C. She's a submissive my age who's been in the BDSM "community" longer than either Master or me, I believe. She's the type of woman that I'm normally attracted to, both physically and emotionally/mentally/

We each had our own reasons why we wanted to play with C. For me, on the superficial level it was because she was attractive and I thought it would be fun to top/Dominate her (since she's one of the few people whom I feel more Domme-ish towards). On a more profound level, I wanted to make playing with her an expression of caring, friendship, even love. I want to show that she is valued and beautiful and a wonderful person. Master has similar reasons, and he admitted that on one level it's because he feels her on-again, off-again boyfriend W mistreats her and he wants to show C how he feels a Dom would behave properly. I'm inclined to agree, but I'm leery of "playing therapist" because of the terror that I'll fuck up.

Master and I decided to ask her out as our "date" to the aforementioned lingerie/debauchery party, which happened this past Saturday (more on that later, probably). Master decided that it would be best for me to approach her, since I'm closer to her than he is. I finally wound up the courage to ask, but by that point she was already back together with W and, though honored, had to decline. :(

Even so, Master and I have made it clear to C that the offer is still on the table. (Particularly by chewing on her, hahaha. That particularly confused her, since Master had me on a leash yet I was acting so Dominant towards her. :D) I don't doubt that she and W will break up again, and I'd like to think that now we have a way to help her break out of this painful cycle she has. Now I suppose it's a matter of letting her know we're here for her and hoping she takes the opportunity.

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