Monday, March 31, 2008

People who really should know better

A few days ago, a feminist blog I follow made a post regarding a male chastity device. It's pretty obvious that the thing's intended for BDSM fantasy play - or at least it is to me. The poster missed that the first time around, which is fine if she's not familiar with BDSM. Learn something new every day, right?

What really gets me, though, is that after making an edit saying she missed that it was intended for fantasy play the first time around, she ends it with "Men get to fantasize about having their sexuality controlled, while everyone tries to control a woman's. Funny, innit."

GAH. So if a guy's a Dom, he's exercising male privilege by subjugating poor sub women like me, but if a guy's a sub, he's exercising male privilege by indulging in fantasies of subjugation (that for some reason women like me are incapable of)?

Fuck. That. Shit. Just because I like being tied up and spanked during sex doesn't mean I like being paid less then the guy next door or ridiculed for "acting like a woman." Those are two completely different things! It's all about desire and consent. You'd think people claiming to be tolerant, liberated, etc. would know as much.

The real irony is, I don't think I'd be able to express my submissive sexual tendencies without the advances feminism has made regarding sexual expression and liberation. How d'ya like that?

And the real kicker? This post was tagged under "sexual assault." I don't even know WHAT to make of that. Seriously.

Fortunately, the vast vast majority of comments on the post were from people sharing my opinion. Yay for sex-positive and kink-positive feminism!

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Natty said...

Fuck. That. Shit. Indeed. Sometimes I just want to scream out "there IS such a thing as female agency, damnit!" Though, as you point out, the irony really is that it's because of feminism that we can express our sexuality in all its deviant, disturbing forms. So absolutely yay for sex-positive feminism!

Really enjoying your blog. Always nice to have a fellow feminist who can write well about spanking. :-)