Friday, March 7, 2008

Reaching out

Master and I aren't really part of the BDSM "community." We know it's there, and we've viewed it from afar via the internet. We might even take part of it once in a while (we plan to go to Shibaricon, and TEASE looks inviting as well), but I don't think either of us could truthfully say we're involved in the community.

Part of it, I suppose, is because of our location. We live in a small town of less than 10,000 people in the northern Midwest - a place not exactly known for its liberal attitudes. However, the college we attend is like a microcosm of sexual freedom, with a burgeoning queer population and hedonistic semi-annual lingerie parties. We are far from the only ones we know who practice BDSM. Our friends E and O were over to play video games just the other night, and we were making Dom/sub jokes constantly. Everyone knew where everyone else was coming from. But we've never really had an in-depth discussion regarding BDSM. We've never shared stories or swapped tricks or advice.

Though this might just be because we're not that close of friends, period. They are certainly friends, but not the type that I'd share intimate details of my life with. And BDSM is certainly one of the more private aspects of my life. There really isn't any reason, though, why I couldn't become closer friends with either or both of them. I've wanted for a while to be closer friends with O - perhaps the fact that we're both subs could be a point of connection between us? We'll see; I always have a hard time actively pursuing a relationship - I usually just let them happen.

I do have a few friends who I know are into BDSM that I suppose I could open up to more. M and C, for one. I have talked to M a bit about BDSM, not so much C - but then again, that goes for my relationships with them in general. S is also a sub and one of my closest friends, but she hasn't had much sexual experience and I don't want to sound like I'm bragging to her or anything. :/

Maybe I could organize a mini-munch for my like-minded friends. I think that'd be fun. It'd certainly be less awkward to have a conversation explicitly for BDSM stuff than just randomly asking, "Sooo.... how do you like wax play?" Ha! If there's enough of us, we could even divide into sub munches and Dom Munches, though I don't really know any Doms besides Master and E. I'll have to sniff them all out!

Ok, kitten, don't get ahead of yourself....

Still, I can dream. I think it's a good idea to at least run by Master, see what he thinks of it.

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