Thursday, February 12, 2009

My $0.02

(Warning: this post was made late at night when I was rather tired, so the ideas presented herein probably aren't completely thought-out. Be that as it may...)

A lot of "feminist" detractors point to the seeming preponderance of M/f relationships as "proof" that kink is a tool of teh Patriarchy to oppress women.

I have to wonder if they're looking at actual statistics, or just what they've seen from porn. If the latter, I feel compelled to point out that - surprise! - porn is a fantastical, stylized distortion of reality. Fun, amusing, outrageous, sexy? Yes, but not reality. Also - and you'd think they'd know this - porn is heavily influenced by patriarchal standards, which dictate that Men Must Always Be Dominant even when that attitude isn't shared by many people.

There's also the fact that said patriarchal standards condemn F/m relationships because the woman is a "ball-buster" and a "domineering bitch" while the man is "emasculated" and "pussy-whipped," which would understandably make people in F/m relationships more likely to be closeted... hence their underrepresentation in kink communities.

I dunno about you guys, but from where I'm standing The Patriarchy (with a capital P!) seems to hurt kinksters more than benefit from them.

Just sayin'.

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