Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've wanted to get a tattoo for a long time. However, I've wavered on what exactly to get.

Currently I'm leaning towards getting the BDSM triskele pictured here. Well, this isn't exactly the BDSM triskele, apparently, but a common variant that I think would be recognized by most people in the scene.

I'm not worried about the permanence. Should I be? Kink has become a major influence on my life - I'm in a 24/7 relationship, for gods' sake! - but, on the other hand, Master and I articulated our power exchange only a year ago or so, and our relationship has already evolved and developed into something slightly different. My relationship with BDSM will probably change in the future too.

Of course, I write all this counter-argument as a formality, but I don't honestly think I could ever completely rid my life of kink. It's part of my identity now, and I really would like to have a physical sign of that. I want to subtly let other kinksters know that I'm one of them, to bring a knowing smile to their faces when we pass on the street.

The question is: where would I have it? I kind of like the idea of having it on the underside of my lower arm - on the meaty part right below the elbow - but then I wouldn't be able to wear short-sleeved things at work... if I were working at a place that didn't like tattoos, anyway. Then again, a place that allowed short sleeves also probably would be fine with tattoos...

We'll see. I don't exactly have the money for it right now, and there isn't a decent tattoo artist for at least 60 miles, anyway.

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