Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making time

Master and I don't really play the same way we did last year. We don't have the "smoke and mirrors" as much as we used to, even though we have more bona-fide implements of dastardly fun (like the crop and the flogger). What I mean by "smoke and mirrors" is that we don't have the candles, the elaborate bondage, stuff like that as much. We tend more just towards straight up D/s and less on the BD and SM.

I think - and Master agrees - it's mostly because we've both been very busy this semester, and it's harder to play together when we don't live in the same building. And we both think we'd like to have more playtime.

So! Wednesday nights are going to be our bondage nights. Not tonight, though, since we'll be busy with the play that we're in this weekend, and not next Wednesday since we'll be on Thanksgiving Break. BUT! The Wednesday after that! It should be fun.

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