Friday, January 11, 2008


Ever since Master collared me, I've worn a collar every day. I have several to choose from.

There's the thick velvet cameo choker he gave me when he asked me to be his, by far the most formal of my collars. I have a plain, white leather collar, which I bought for myself some time ago and wear with more casual outfits; it has a matching leash that we use for play. Currently I'm wearing a simple lace collar underneath my turtleneck. My favorite, however, is one that we picked out together. It's made of soft black lace, with a metal heart pendant discreetly studded with small rhinestones. I wear that one most often.

Master never has to remind me to put on my collar. I love matching my outfit with my collars; I love having Master fasten the clasp for me, kissing me on the nape of my neck when he's done. I love hearing others compliment me on my collars, and every time I wonder how many of my friends and classmates know the significance, the meaning behind them. Some might, but I think the vast majority don't.

Throughout the day, I reach up and touch the collar encircling my neck. Every time, it reminds me of Master's love for me, and my commitment to him. When Master told me why he wanted to collar me, he told me, "It's the closest thing to marriage that I'm willing to do at this point in my life." I liked that because I felt the same way. Like a wedding ring, my collars symbolize our devotion to each other. But they mean more than that; they also mean that I am his, that he is my Master, that I am devoted to serving him and he is dedicated to caring for me. It's marriage-lite, with a D/s twist.

Sounds like a tasty drink!

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