Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring cleaning

I updated my dramatis personae page. Master was right - it was horribly out of date! I hadn't realized how much time has passed.

Recently I done goofed. I tried introducing Master and Pineapple, and while it wasn't a complete disaster it was definitely awkward, which made me feel dumb. I also forgot to tell Tapeti about Pineapple, which was a violation of our rules. :/ I haven't even had the "what do we want out of our relationship" talk with Pineapple yet. I could be cute and blame this on NRE, but the truth is I fucked up. *sigh*

Well, lesson learned, hopefully.

And, on a completely random (and much more cheerful) note, I am very pleased that the men I hang out with are just as "I'm straight but I'm gonna make out with someone of the same gender just for the hell of it" as women are.

(Also, WTF Blogger why are you mangling my HTML?)

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