Sunday, April 5, 2009

Types of submission

So there are two different major kinds of submission, as I've figured. I call them "submission" vs. "subjugation" - that is, willing and accepting subs versus what're commonly called "bratty" or "smart-ass" subs. In both cases the sub willingly submits, but in the first they don't struggle while in the second they like to challenge the Dom.

In my relationship with Master, I'm more of the first kind; I don't really resist when Master ties me up or anything like that - I can't bring myself to! On the other hand, when I'm looking at BDSM erotica, I prefer to see some element of struggle or conflict; it's more visually compelling, I think.

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Jane said...

I'm totally the same way, though sometimes I will be bratty when we're not actually in our roles in an attempt to get my Dom to act a certain way. But when he pulls out the paddles, I'm nothing but compliant....