Sunday, April 12, 2009

The May Rite

Beltaine is fast approaching. Lupa has mentioned a desire to talk about any possible plans, though it's possible she may wish to abstain this year out of respect to her newest love interest. Regardless, Master has talked about going camping and celebrating the "old-fashioned" way - i.e. jumping over a fire and having sex in the woods instead of getting drunk and having sex in the bedroom. No matter how many people are ultimately involved, it should be fun.


Ivet Writer said...

I would like follow this blog, but you don't offer this chance.

Zula said...

Really? Errr.... I don't know why you can't. So far as I can tell, I've allowed people to follow it on Google feeds and stuff. But I'm new to Blogger, so there's probably something I'm missing. ._.