Monday, March 30, 2009

Progress & expectations

I'm coming along well in my anal training. I can take Master's cock a good way past the head now, or so he says. I can't really see - but it feels like a lot! The biggest obstacle I need to overcome is the width, methinks.

Master also administered an anal douche last week. It was a very strange experience; the water was very warm, and it made me feel all full and a little bloaty. We did a bit of impromptu medical roleplay, where he was a kind, young country doctor running a clinic out of his home and I was his shy, embarrassed patient. It was fun, but I think what I really want from medical scenes is the evil!doctor - something closer to a mad scientist figure - that subjects poor widdle me to all sorts of nasty experiments.

Kind doctors aren't terribly sexy to me because they aren't a fantasy; they're the kind of doctors I meet in real life. I've had the fortune of never being subjected to immoral medical practices, so I can afford to build up images in my head of a cruel doctor without having to actually experience the terror of being medically violated.

In that way, I suppose, its similar to how/why I experience rape fantasies. Though obviously people who have similar fantasies are going to have vastly different reasons. Kind of like convergent evolution - starting from disparate psychologies, two people can reach similar sexual profiles.

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