Monday, March 16, 2009

Lingerie Party & the Quad

We've had a lingerie party twice a year since winter of my freshman year. What I find most amusing is that they seem to resemble play parties more and more every time. The number of kinky (or even just kink-friendly) people on campus is astonishingly high, especially considering how small a campus it is. Master wanted to make a paddle horse for it (and for us to use afterwards ^_^) , but unfortunately we weren't able to get the tools we needed. Hopefully we can still make one regardless.

Still, he brought several toys along with, like his riding crop and our little flogger and some rope. There was a couch in the kitchen that we could lay people over, and sometimes Master would lend his toys to the other tops at the party, who made good use out of them. One top in particular - he was dressed in a pseudo-gladitorial leather outfit he made himself - wielded the flogger incredibly. The way he moved seemed absolutely effortless, yet with just the smallest movement he made the falls of the flogger just fly. It was incredible. :3

Furby came up for the lingerie party - the first time she's ever been able to visit. We've had sexual encounters in the past, even though she identifies as straight. Not too surprisingly, we had another one at the party... and afterwards. She and I, along with Lupa and Master, played together - though, since Furby's not to interested in kink, there wasn't much actual bondage and such. Mostly just sex.

In the same way a threesome is way different from a twosome, even though you're only adding one person, a foursome is way different from a threesome. Whereas a threesome has a single (albeit constantly shifting) dynamic, a foursome is more like two twosomes that occasionally switch. Or maybe a threesome with a voyeur, if one person is tired. The point is, it's different.

Up to this point, all the women I've been with have been very curvy - a lot more volumptuous than me, as I'm fairly slight. Furby has a similar body type as me, yet it felt very alien to interact with. She felt so delicate; I was afraid I'd break her like a china doll if I bit to hard. But she didn't act delicate at all - nosirree. In fact, Furby holds the distinction of being the first person to give Master a hickey! The way she touched, the way she kissed... it was frantic, furtive, hungry. And yet she was also endearingly awkward.

Lupa had to get up relatively early, but Master, Furby, and I lounged around in bed for a while afterwards. Furby was... a little awkward, but I don't really blame her. It was her first time having sex with more than one person at a time, after all. ;D She had to leave for her college around noon; I called her the day after, and she seemed to be doing well. I'll be checking up on her again in the past few days, just to make sure she isn't all turmoily and such. Such things happen sometimes.

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