Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday suits

I'm a bit of a nudist. I looove to romp around Master's room naked (he loves it when I do this too, hahaha), and when I don't have a roommate to worry about I romp naked around my room too. My enthusiasm's worn off on Master, too; sometimes, after sex, I'll lounge on the couch and read a comic book while he surfs the web, and we'll both be completely nude, something which he says he used to be uncomfortable with.

Thing is though, I feel really uncomfortable wearing clothes when Master isn't. I think it's because being naked makes me feel vulnerable and exposed - which I like, since I feel safe and secure when I'm around master - and so when I'm clothed and he's not it feels like I have more power than he does. Eeeeeeeeeeh! I don't want more power! That's his territory!

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