Thursday, June 5, 2008


Master sent me a care package, and in it (among other things) were a new collar and a little metal food dish. With the dish came a note with instructions: I had to eat from it at least once a week, and Master even included a bag of Swedish fish for my first treat. :)

When I crouched on the floor and ate, I felt silly... but it also felt good. I wished that Master was there; I wanted to have his shadow fall over me as he stood over me, to feel his loving eyes watching me, his hands in my hair and on my body. I miss feeling the strength of his presence.

But that I still did as he commanded, even though he's miles away - that I still didn't consider disobeying - I suppose is a testament to our relationship. He holds that much sway over me; I trust him that much. It's a small gesture, in comparison to a lot of things. But I like where we're going.

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