Sunday, February 10, 2008

The deceptively nasty clothespin

The other day, I went to see Master after taking a shower. I was still wearing my robe, and as soon as I entered the room, Master bent me over and spanked me with a ruler for forgetting to put on my collar that morning - and for not updating this blog for over a week! He keeps close track. In any case, after he spanked me, he kissed me, slipped off my robe, and told me to close my eyes. I did, and I heard him walk into the other room.

Soon he returned, and he began caressing me, taking me in his arms. Then I felt something brush against my nipple. It felt sharp - like a knife blade. My heart raced, but I said nothing; I'd said that I'd like to do more with knife play, after all. But then I felt it press down on my nipple, harder and harder. Oh god, I thought, is he really going to cut me? We hadn't discussed anything like this! Especially nothing about cutting my nipple! He knows how sensitive they are! I stood still for as long as I could, until I was sure that I could feel the blade digging into my skin, feel the burning of my skin tearing. I couldn't take it anymore! I shouted the safeword, and immediately the pressure ceased and Master held me close, asking, "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

I opened my eyes and looked up into his concerned face. I didn't see him holding a knife, and there wasn't a mark on my nipple, even though I was sure I felt the skin break. "I... I got scared," I said, confused. "I didn't know what you were using."

Master smiled and held up his weapon: a wooden clothespin. I sighed and almost melted with relief. "I feel so silly! I thought for sure you had a knife! It felt so sharp!" I was astonished that I could have been so mistaken. It really felt just like a blade, but it wasn't even close - he was pinching, not cutting! It's amazing how easily our minds are tricked.

My eyes open this time, Master slowly reapplied the clothespin, first to one breast, then the other. The pain was much sharper than anything we'd done before; even with the ruler, the pain was only a brief flash, then gone. This was sustained, and it was exquisite. I almost collapsed when he finally removed it.

The night after, Master used the clothespin again. He'd bound my hands behind my back in the box shape, then put the clothespin on my right nipple before taking me from behind. It was uniquely frustrating for me, these contradictory sensations of pleasure and pain. The clothespin was like an annoying bug that I couldn't get rid of. I decided to try rubbing it off on the blanket, thinking that since it was just a clothespin it'd come free easily. Boy, was I wrong! I pressed my breast to the sheets and shrugged my shoulders to catch the clothespin and pull it free, and was met with an intense, burning pain as the clothespin held fast. I tried again, and again the pain, but the clothespin was still solid. My nipple was screaming with pain now; that's what I get for trying to break free. Finally, I begged for Master to take it off, and once he did my nipple almost felt numb from the sudden absence of pain.

We need to get more of those.

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