Thursday, February 23, 2012

What what, in the butt

I fucked someone in the ass for the first time over the weekend. It was pretty cool.

It was Furby, my old friend and a regular partner of Master's now that she's in the same city as him. She looooves ass play (in fact, I think she's the one who first told me that hey, girls can like it too), so when she was with Master and me we decided to double-stuff her because I'd brought my little ass dildo along.

At first I was pretty scared, because my own ass is very tender and I have to be very careful with anything going up there (though I usually love it once it is). But I made sure to use plenty of lube (and a condom, natch), and she was having a grand old time, and soon I was too. I've watched her get fucked in the ass before, and the noises she makes when she comes from it are unmatched. I mean, goddamn that woman has a set of pipes.

Once I got over the initial fear of hurting her, it really wasn't that different from using a strap-on for PIV stuff. I can't really feel anything, but there is a psychological thrill to eliciting such strong reactions from someone. I always worry that I'm tiring too quickly because my muscles aren't used to moving that way during sex, but afterwards Master always comments on how hard I was going to town on whomever I was with, so I guess it's not really a problem.

I think the one thing I didn't like about it was the smell. Which I know is kind of inevitable with buttsex, but it's still unpleasant when it occurs.

Master asked me afterwards if I wanted to peg Ume, because Ume had expressed passing curiosity in it in the past. I'm honestly not sure. I can see myself doing it for his sake, as a sort of fun experiment, but I have to admit that the thought of it doesn't actually turn me on. It's kind of a sure, why not thing. It doesn't help that Ume is so much taller than me, so I have a harder time imagining the logistics of it.

Frustratingly enough, I still can't take Master in my ass - not even one of his fingers. Even though I can take my ass dildos, which are bigger than his fingers; it's one of my new favorite ways to masturbate, in fact. I'm not sure what the problem is; maybe Master isn't using enough lube? I think he's trying to do the in-and-out motion too quickly, because when I masturbate I slowly get the whole dildo in before doing any in-and-out. (And even then, I usually don't do very much.) And dildos don't have body heat! I think that has something to do with it too. Also performance anxiety.

Sigh. If we were able to be together more often I think I'd be able to manage it.

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