Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Plans plans plans

I have big plans for Valentine's day (kind of).

On the actual V-day I'm going to give myself some self-loving. Take a long bath, meticulously groom myself, and pleasure myself silly. Maybe play some Skyrim while drinking wine. :)

On Wednesday I'm dropping my kitties off at the cat-sitter and driving to see Master, and I should arrive by mid-afternoon. He'll still be at work at that point, but I'll go downtown myself and buy a sexy nurse outfit per his request at my favorite sex shop in his city (which is much better-stocked than the one in mine). We'll meet downtown after he gets off of work and have dinner at a nice restaurant there - maybe a sushi place. Then we'll go back to his place and I can "care" for him in my new outfit.

On Thursday I'll have a lazy day - he still has work, so I'll probably sleep in. Maybe I'll hang out with one of my metamours, if she's not working that day, but otherwise I'll knit and play with Master's bunny. (Not a euphemism - he has an ADORABLE pet rabbit.) I'll be wearing nothing but my collar when Master gets home from work. :3

On Friday I'll sleep in and be lazy again while he works, and in the evening we're having a mini-party. Ume and Gene are arriving that night (IIRC), so we get to see them! Yay! There will be much socializing and having fun.

On Saturday we'll all go out for a meal together and get ready for the masquerade ball that night. Then is the ball, which will be much fun and enjoyment, and when we get home I imagine we'll have an awesome orgy.

On Sunday we might orgy a bit more, but regardless we'll have breakfast together; maybe get something from Dunkin' Donunts. Then I'll go home and pick up my kitties. :)

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