Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Recently I had a conversation with Master that went along these lines:

Master: I'm thinking I'm going to cut back on masturbating. Not stop entirely, but try to restrain myself more.

Me: Oh?

Master: Yeah. I want to limit myself to two times a day.

Me: Two times a day?! How often do you usually do it?!

Master: About six times a day.


Master: Yeah, about.

Me: ...Wow. Like, I'm not even upset or anything. I'm just... impressed! Most guys have trouble just getting it up half that number of times! (Or so I hear.)

It's true - I am really impressed. However, it also got me thinking. You see, I haven't really masturbated in... well, months. I used to do it several times a week - sometimes multiple times a day - but for the past several months my desire to jerk off has plummeted.

My sex drive hasn't been affected at all; I still want to fuck Master a good three times a day or so when we're together. But I never get a very strong urge to masturbate anymore; it's nothing more than a vague, "Hmm, wanking might be nice," but the urge is never strong enough to make me do anything about it. I tried wanking last night, but I got distracted by (non-sexually) playing with my lopsided labia (they are quite fun to mess with), and the mood left me.

I'm kind of sad about this. I know that one's sexual desires fluctuate over time and all that, and it's not like I don't want to have sex anymore, but masturbating is fun! I know that it's relaxing, that it helps perk up my mood, and other fun things. I wonder if I should just make a habit of trying to masturbate every day, or something like that, to jump-start my desire again. I've heard that cis women's sex drives are a "use it or lose it" type thing, where the more you are sexual, the more you want to be sexual. Maybe that's my issue. I'll give it a try.

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