Thursday, February 24, 2011


Master wants me to pick three questions from this IAMA on Reddit to answer, so here I go!

1) Re: the dynamic between those in the "pre-established" relationship and the "new" relationship - there definitely is a difference, and it's one that is still jarring to me at times. There are no "rules" for this kind of dynamic (at least none that are common knowledge), so when I try to fit my reality to the standards society gives me it often doesn't fit. And then I wonder if something is wrong, but there's no real reason to think that other than that my relationship doesn't fit others' expectations.

2) A couple people brought up extended family, and I have to admit that I'm considering coming out to my family. I haaaate hate hate hate it when I have to refer to Tapeti as my "friend" when talking to them, or when I have to consciously omit her from retellings of my weekends. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But I think I need to talk to her and Master about it more first.

3) Sleeping arrangements - I'm honestly thinking about getting a bigger bed! Until then, though, I'll just retreat to my kitty corner when I need alone time.


TonyTheHypnotist said...

How funny, I actually found your blog from reddit. I quite enjoy it! Also, it's awesome that you play go! I actually just met a poly girl locally that plays. How strong are you?

Zula said...

I am strong enough to beat people who have just learned the game, but other than that I have no idea. Which probably means I'm not very strong at all, heh!

TonyTheHypnotist said...

Nope, if you don't know your strength you're probably not very strong yet. ;) Regardless, you should play me some time. Perhaps a teaching game, if you'd be interested. I take it you've never used KGS go server?

Zula said...

No, I haven't. Do I have to download software for it, or is it entirely browser-based?

TonyTheHypnotist said...

It's a java platform. You can run it out of your browser or download the stand alone platform, but either way it's just running out of java. You can got to get it (or just log in through there). You can play as a guest, but it's free to make an account and then you can get ranked. If you're interested in talking more about it, you can find me on AIM or skype at Owy2001.