Thursday, February 17, 2011


Master and Tapeti came to visit for V-Day! It was super-exciting; I got the most play I've had in a good long time, and we got to try new things too.

First Master blindfolded me, and I had to guess whether he or Tapeti was using the crop on me. I guessed right. :) Then Tapeti and I switched places, and she was able to guess correctly, too. In the final game, Master was blindfolded, and he had to taste both our pussies and guess which was with.

Someone - I can't remember who - suggested tying Master's hands so he couldn't grab us, which might clue him in (Tapeti and I have rather different body types). I sort of ran with the idea and came up with a rather clever (if I may say so) way to tie Master's arms spread-eagle on the bed.

I've come to realize I really like the aesthetic of a man with his arms spread-eagle like that. I think it's because it shows off his chest and shoulders, which are the parts I like most and find the most masculine, yet he is simultaneously very vulnerable. I like the juxtaposition, the tension, of two normally exclusive traits.

Even after Master guessed correctly (despite our best efforts to stay silent, he could distinguish us by the sounds we made), we didn't untie/unblindfold him right away. Instead we teased him, went down on him, etc. It was funny how hungry he was - lunging up when he thought we were in kissing distance, straining against the ropes, and so on. I made a point of staying out of his reach; I got a mischievous pleasure out of it, knowing that normally I wouldn't be allowed to get away with it. And when we finally loosed him! It was amazing.

I think that, while I'm not really big on domming, I do enjoy topping, in a bratty, teasing kind of way.

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