Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kinky geek, geeky kink

This weekend I had a surprise visit from Master, who convinced me to go on a spontaneous road trip to see Tapeti. While at first I wasn't keen on driving that far only to spend a day there, it was definitely worth it.

We came up with a new position! Well, it's more like a variation on an existing one. Master fucks me from behind, while Tapeti is beneath me, and she wraps her legs around my waist. Then Master can grab her legs and use them as leverage to fuck me. We all loved it; next time we're together, Tapeti and I will have to switch places to see what that's like.

I also got some nice, good spankings in, as well as some domination. Master got pretty creative - I liked it a lot. ^_^ He tied me up with some LAN cables and whipped me for a bit with one (without the hard ends that you plug into things), though that was too harsh for me, generally. I think I'd need a lot more preparation to enjoy it.

He also made me live-blog having sex with him, kind of. We were snuggling, and I wanted to have sexy-time, but he insisted that I update this blog. I protested a bit, but it was no use, so I got my laptop and started typing. As I struggled to come up with something to write about, he knelt next to me and started touching himself. Naturally, I was distracted by this, but he ordered me to keep typing - even when he grabbed my head and made me start sucking him off, and then when he started fucking me. He ordered me to type what I was thinking and feeling while he did it.

I'm not going to post exactly what I typed; it was too racy and embarrassing even for this sex blog, and it'd be mostly incomprehensible anyway since my spelling, understandably, went flying out the window. Master read it out loud to me afterward, though, which added another layer of domination to it, since he was reading my very thoughts - and it was a little bit embarrassing, but not in the bad way.

However, I think it'd be fun to find more creative ways to involve technology with kink. Live blogging sex is one way; I think doing something with video games would also be interesting (and not just the kink games you can find online). Maybe whoever wins a round in a video game gets to be the top for that evening? That's almost too easy, though; I'm sure there are more creative ways to go about video game kinkiness. Then again, I'm a huge geek, so of course I would find that fun.

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