Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uh-huh, right

The BBC posted an article about (yet another) male hormonal contraceptive being tested. This one's an injection of testosterone that suppresses the production of sperm. I'm skeptical about this one panning out; word of another male HBC in the pipes pops up every couple of months and somehow the funding always dries up, despite sustained interest by men.

But what really got me was this: "Previous attempts to develop an effective and convenient male contraceptive have encountered problems over reliability and side effects, such as mood swings and a lowered sex drive." (Emphasis mine.)

Mood swings? Lowered sex drive? What, you mean the exact same side effects women deal with EVERY DAY when they're on HBC?

Oh wait, I forgot - women are moody, hormonal, and hate sex anyway, so who cares if they get those side effects?

Give me a break.

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