Sunday, May 3, 2009

I got very little sleep

Beltaine was fun, for the most part. Master, Lupa and I went to the beach and set up a (slightly illegal) camp. We had delicious hobo stew for dinner, lounged around and played the harmonica and banjo, and generally had a fine time. Once it was dark, we stripped naked and jumped over the campfire before running back to the tent. It was cold at first, but we were able to warm the tent up pretty quick. ;)

We ended up not bringing enough padding/blankets, so I didn't actually get any sleep that night, being squished between the other two, but otherwise it was fun.

The night before, Master and I talked about polyamory, specifically my propensity for it, about how I'm only jealous if I'm not friends with whomever Master sleeps with. I also get a little twinge of jealousy if he doesn't come inside me during group sex, but it's not that huge a deal for me. I think it's an evolutionary holdover - his genetic material is for me, goddamn it - and therefore pretty easy to rationalize into submission.

Master also talked about how, when it came down to it, he doesn't think he could have sex with a guy. "That usually means you're straight, you know," I said teasingly. He agreed to an extent, but said he's still figuring out his identity. I remember when I was coming into my identity as queer in high school; it wasn't always fun. Hopefully Master will have an easier time of it, whatever conclusion he reaches. Whatever happens, I'll definitly be willing to lend a supportive ear and mind.

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