Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catch up

Okay. Finally time to post.

As I was saying, my birthday was last weekend. Everyone had a blast, it was awesome, etc etc. Eventually it started winding down, and people wandered out. Eventually, Master led me into the bedroom and told me to close my eyes. I had noticed Lupa had gone into the bathroom as we walked by, so I said as I closed my eyes, "But [Lupa]'s still here."

"I don't think she'll mind," Master said. "Now wait here."

At that point I should have figured something was up, but I didn't. Instead, I waited patiently on the edge of the bed. Eventually, I felt Master's hands caress my skin... and then another, definitely female, pair of hands. It wasn't until I kissed Lupa that I knew it was her (I think I actually said, "So that's who this is!"). When I opened my eyes, we both started giggling. "You sneaky monkey!" I said. She just grinned mischievously.

First, we all took a shower together and got all soapy and sudsy. Both before and after the shower, Master left the room for a bit to give Lupa and me a chance to play a bit by ourselves. Then we toweled off and went to the bedroom, where Master explained that we would play a bit of a game, called "Who's on top?" He would roll a ten-sided die, and whatever number it was on would determine who would be on bottom for the night. 1-4 meant I would be on bottom, 5-9 meant Lupa would be on bottom, and a 10 meant Master would be on bottom. It came up a 3.

Lupa had brought over her fancy (and comfortable!) thick leather cuffs, which they put on me, then they tied me down on my hands and knees on the bed and started hitting my ass with all sorts of fun objects. Every once in a while, Master would ask, "Who's on top?" and I'd have to guess. For the most part it was actually really easy, since Lupa hasn't played as much and so she was much more catious (read: not as hard) with her hits. Eventually, Master had me go down on Lupa, and after a few more good whacks on my bottom, he untied me and we all had a lovely good time.

At one point I actually had a bit of sensory overload and was reduced to a babbling, quivering puddle on the corner of the bed. After a few minutes, though, I was good again.

The morning after, we had breakfast together and were all cuddly and happy. Master told me he had asked Lupa if she were interested, a while back, and she was incredibly enthusiastic about it. I'm so glad, but I'm not surprised, really. Lupa has a cheerfulness, a playfulness about her when it comes to sex; whenever she and I play together, we spend just as much time joking and laughing and giggling as doing anything hot'n'heavy. I love it. She's such an awesome person.

Master admitted he gambled when he decided to do it as a surprise instead of okaying it with me beforehand, as proper poly procedure dictates, but his gamble paid off well. He knew Lupa and I liked each other and liked playing with each other, so yay. Fun times!

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