Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seeing red

A woman recently got arrested in my state for operating a dungeon. Well, the reason is "suspicion of prostitution," though my guess is that she wasn't having "actual sex" (as defined by anti-prostitution laws) with her clients; she stated as much on her website. Not that that stopped cops from busting her, of course.

Pretty much everything about the newspaper article pissed me right the fuck off. The breathless, "isn't this naughty?" tone, the suspiciously detailed description of what the cops confiscated from her property, and - most of all - a quote from a woman who lived nearby: "I worry about what kind of people she was bringing into the neighborhood."


She was "bringing in" people JUST LIKE YOU - parents, suburbanites, people who have normal jobs and normal homes and normal families. Yet somehow having sex in a different way makes them "dangerous." Fuck. There are few times when I want to just clock someone; this is one of those times.

Normally when I read something in the paper that pisses me off, I bust out my English Major skillz and channel my rage into an eloquent letter to the editor. It normally works - I've even been published in the paper a couple times. But I can't do that this time; I'd be effectively outing myself to the entire metro area. And, as this recent incident has proven, there are definite negative repercussions to being outed as a kinkster.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

And don't even get me started on how stupid anti-sex work laws are in the first place!

I hate society.


pet foxie said...

This is an excellent rant and I completely agree. One of the things I often lament is that violence has become acceptable, yet sex is totally taboo. As a parent, I would much rather my son hear about sex than violence. At least consensual sex, regardless of what kinks are enjoyed, is a healthy way for two adults to express their feelings about one another!

Try Toys Direct said...

The world is full of ass holes. Violence is always unacceptable. Consensual sex among adults with all it kinks is no ones business.

Lilith Pane said...
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Lilith Pane said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Here too (in Australia) it still amazes me how shallow some people can be. As if anyone with a taste for anything more than vanilla sex is some kind of full-time pervert.

Enjoying the blog - thanks!

Love, licks and lashes,