Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This post is late (sorry, Master!), but here is the homework he assigned me: go to a free porn site and find a clip that I like, then say why I liked it. I went to RedTube.com, and this is what I found (VERY NSFW).

I know it's just a preview for a full-length porno, but it was enough that I found it arousing (which I'm sure was their intention). I liked that it was silly and self-parodic, since sex does tend to be pretty funny (especially when doing such a time-honored scenario as a rebellious student being "punished" by her teacher), but it wasn't so silly that it was no longer sexy, like some (okay, a lot) of porn that I've seen. The spanking was great - not wimpy spanking, like some other videos I watched, and the woman actually had enough butt on her that I wasn't worried about the man hitting bone every time he smacked her. I was glad that both the man and the woman were pretty attractive (though I wish neither of them had shaved all their pubic hair), and I was really impressed by the woman's flexibility. That lady's in shape!

As a side note, that's also the first time I've seen a labial piercing.

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